A Wavering Bond


A wavering bond is a tale about old and new friendships. This was a project I worked on during the module ‘Storytelling’ during my stay at Hyper Island. The task was to envoke an emotional response in the viewer, while matching it with one of four soundtracks. The music was created by ECHOIC and the guidance was led by DAZZLESHIP. This was also one of our first projects where we had free reign, which was a delightful joy!

    Animation & Compositing - Emanuel Friberg and Mads Broni // Design - Salla Lehmus and Jet Hilferink // Sound Design - Jet Hilferink and Mads Broni // Cel Animation - Sofus Nyström, Jet Hilferink and Salla Lehmus // Composer - David Johnston 'ECHOIC'